the Lords of Praxton

A Brief History of Egora

Human life on the moon-planet of Egora existed for thousands of years, but Praxtonians were only able to make first contact with that life after the development of the space craft which was piloted by Jengas Hab (Sarinthian) and Christoph Aleren (Borian).  What they discovered was a proud, intelligent society composed of a peaceful, artistic, and spiritual people.

524,000  native Egorians inhabit the moon-planet along with an additional 200,000 Borians and Sarinthians who have migrated to the moon-planet.  There are three continents: Northern, Central, Southern, and  four major islands with an additional 100 smaller islands.

The majority of Egora's inhabitants live on the eastern side of the Divide on the Central Continent.  Cresentara is the capital and education center.  It is located on the northern shore of the Cresentara Sea.  Egora's government consists of three chancellors who are responsible for creating and maintaining the laws of the land. Chancellors are elected every five years.

The Divide is a mountain chain that runs vertically (North to South) and separates the Central continent into the more heavily populated 1/3 eastern portion and the lesser-known 2/3 western portions.  the western portion is considered by most Egorians to be sacred land, so exploration is discouraged.

In the west, there are the Dark Mountains, also known as the Mountains of Legend, which are thought to be the domicile of a unique strain of Egorians of whom very little is known.  They are regarded simply as the mountain people, speculated by many to be the guardians of Elorathera who is believed to reside in the Great Forest of Baran in the west.


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