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12.15.06  "LOP Movie and Motion Picture Soundtrack Now Available on DVD and CD!

The film that proclaims as a film "For true sci-fi purists", "the Lords of Praxton", is now available on DVD through and!  Also available is the original motion picture soundtrack composed by Richard Krehnovi and Jamal Dillman-Hasso, and featuring the  song, "Rising Up", written by Terrance Lee Fields and performed by Morgan Fields.  Click on the links and order your copy of the soundtrack and the award winning film today!

11.01.2006  "LOP" is Participant in the 2006 Festival!

"the Lords of Praxton" has been invited to join the FYLMZ film festival.  The competition starts online, then moves to the live festival in Nashville, TN.  For the online portion, people must vote/rate the films in the competition.  The films with the best votes move on to the next round.  So, I'm encouraging all of you to go to the website, sign-up to become a member (it's free and easy) and beginning November 1st, go to the section featuring "the Lords of Praxton" trailer and vote.  We are listed in the Feature Films category under Sci-Fi (also Fantasy)  Tell your friends and family to join and vote as well.

08.05.2006  "LOP" Wins 2nd Place for Sci-Fi Feature Film

the Lords of Praxton has been honored with an award for Second Place Sci-Fi Feature Film at the 2006 Indie Gathering Film Festival.  Congratulations--once again--to our cast and crew.

07.20.2006  Music Selections Added to the Audio Page

Two selections from the original music underscore for the Lords of Praxton have been added to the Audio Page (click the link to go there).  The score selections are "Fear the Shadow", composed by Jamal Dillman-Hasso and "A Promise Broken", composed by Richard Krehnovi.  Go to the audio page to listen!

07.07.2006  "LOP" is an Official Selection of the 2006 Indie Gathering Film Festival

the Lords of Praxton has been selected to play at The Indie Gathering Film Festival (click on the link to go to the festival website).  The festival will be held at the Cleveland Holiday Inn in Independence, Ohio on August 4th, 5th, and 6th.  Once again, congratulations to the cast and crew.

07.03.2006  the Lords of Praxton is an Official Selection of the Broken Lamp Film Festival!

the Lords of Praxton has been selected to play at the Broken Lamp Film Festival (click on the link to go to the festival website) on Saturday, August 12th!  The location of the festival is Beaver Valley Cinema (Bargain Box Office), 3349 SeaJay Drive,  Beavercreek, Ohio 45430.  Click here for directions to the theatre.  Congratulations to our terrific cast and crew!

06.23.2006  A Great Premiere!

A big "thank you!" to all who attended the premiere screening of the Lords of Praxton on Friday, June 16th.  A wonderful time was had by all.  A special thanks to The University of Akron staff.  Go to the photos page to see images from the premiere night.  the Lords of Praxton will now be submitted to various film festivals for consideration.  Return to this site often for updates on the film's progress.  The journey has only just begun.

05.17.2006  the Lords of Praxton Premiere Date is Announced!

the Lords of Praxton premiere date is set for Friday, June 16.  The location is The University of Akron's Gardner Theatre in the Student Union building.  Showtime is 7pm.  The runtime is 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The concession stand will be open beginning at 6:30pm and will remain open throughout the screening.  There will be signs posted outdoors and indoors to guide you to the theatre.  The admission is $5 per person at the door.  The theatre seats 350 people.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Explore the Lords of Praxton website to brush-up on the history of Praxton and the moon-planet of Egora,  read the cast and crew biographies, view the stills from the film and behind the scenes photos, view the trailer and listen to the audio files and while you're at it, download the Lords of Praxton wallpaper.

05.01.2006  Special visual effects work completed

Peter Fields has completed work on the special visual effects for "the Lords of Praxton".  The completion of the visual effects means the picture edit is officially "locked".  This month (May), the original song "Rising Up" will be recorded and the sound mix will be completed.  The producers are now aiming for a June premiere.

02.03.2006   Post-production nearing end for "the Lords of Praxton"

The picture assembly (edit) for "the Lords of Praxton" was completed on December 30, 2005.  Composition of the music underscore by Richard Krehnovi and Jamal Dillman-Hasso is nearing completion as is the special visual effects by Peter FieldsTerrance Lee Fields, who wrote the song "Finally" for "The Way Home", is composing a new song for "the Lords of Praxton" entitled "Rising Up".  "the Lords of Praxton" is now moving to the Legato Studios where the post-production sound mix will begin by Cornelius Gould IV.

The final run time for "the Lords of Praxton" is 2 hours and 14 minutes.  The film is expected to premiere in April 2006.

11.25.2005   Tentative completion date set for "the Lords of Praxton"

The producers are aiming for a post-production completion date for "the Lords of Praxton" to land in the second quarter of 2006.  Director and editor Peter Fields says, "We are hoping to premiere the film sometime within the months of April, May, or June of 2006.  We may finish sooner, but it's better to have some padding in our schedule."  Currently, Fields is editing the film while composers Richard Krehnovi and Jamal Dillman-Hasso have begun to write the music underscore and Peter Fields is creating the special visual effects for scenes that have already been edited.

9.17.2005    "the Lords of Praxton" trailer will premiere tomorrow

The NEW "the Lords of Praxton" trailer will premiere tomorrow at the Cleveland IndieClub FREE Monthly Networking Meeting-- Sunday, September 18, 1pm to 4pm at the Hyacinth Lofts--3030 East 63rd Street, Cleveland, Ohio 44127.

The new trailer will premiere on "the Lords of Praxton" website on Tuesday, September 20, 2005.

7.17.2005   The NEW the Lords of Praxton trailer is coming soon!

Keep visiting the site--the thrilling new trailer will premiere here very soon.

6.29.2005   Filming Wraps: a "thank you" from director Peter Anthony Fields

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 was the last day of filming on "The Lords of Praxton".  Post-production now begins as I must now happily edit over 19 hours of footage.

My heart goes out to everyone who worked in front of and behind the camera, and who allowed us to film in their homes or on their property.  As I assemble the footage we shot over the past 12 days, I am moved beyond words--the actors' performances, the hard work of the crew, and the dedication of all involved are profoundly evident---we have crafted a truly awesome film.  I can not thank you enough for sharing my dream and passion, for your professionalism and good humor when working under extreme conditions, and for your talent, love and support.

I will now like to thank my wonderful, AWESOME cast by name: 

Brian Richeson, Monica Boone, Turrand Evans-Roskos, Rachel Appelbaum, Ada Carolina Ortiz, Rick Montgomery, Jeffrey Haber, Roxana Bell, Kristy Kurowski, Gina Messeri, Sapphire DeFranco, Joy Borland, Tiiu E. Gennert, Steve Messeri, Bruce Haber, Christine Haber, Jaclyn Inglis, Chuck French, Victor Regal, Jason Quaigg, Maggie Arndt, Kat Sokolowska, David Rohler, uBu Zurub,  Tumeka Harris, Mary Faktor, Tracey Evans, Eli Carr, Karoline Kramer, Thomas Ferraro, Connie Georgalis, Christopher Bolwin, Rowan Kramer, Alyssa Haber, and Katherine Haber.

And my small yet mighty crew who worked hard on location every day:

Evonne Fields-Gould, Elizabeth Gould, Abi Pink, Jaclyn Inglis-----the four of you are absolutely amazing; your contributions are invaluable!

And to Karoline Kramer, our costume consultant.  Thank you Karoline; your input in color selection & combination and fabric type, and your knowledge of history and literature is amazing.  Together with costume supervisor and seamstress Evonne Fields-Gould and costume designer Elizabeth Gould, you all made the world of Praxton come to life magnificently!

Big hugs to associate producers Quata Zehe and Joy Borland--thanks for looking out for me.

And very special, heart-felt thanks to: Bill Gruber, Tracey Evans and David Roskos, Dr. Andrew Hertz and Linda Rae Hertz, and to all the parents and grandparents of our child performers.

I look forward to working with my post-production crew: Richard Krehnovi, Cornelious Gould, and Jamal Dillman-Hasso.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Remember--this is not the end of our adventure--it is the begining.

with love and appreciation,
Peter Anthony Fields
director, "The Lords of Praxton"

6.16.2005   Filming Begins!

Filming began on the Lords of Praxton today in Akron, Ohio.  Brian Richeson, Turrand Evans-Roskos, Carolina Ortiz, Victor Regal, Tumeka Harris, Connie Georgalis, and Christopher Bolwin were the actors on set for the first day of shooting. 

6.05.2005   Three New Cast Members Join the Production!

Actors Chuck French, Connie Georgalis, and Christopher Bolwin join the Lords of Praxton production.  Welcome  aboard!

2.09.2005   Website Updated

the Lords of Praxton website has been updated with a new teaser poster and the first of a series of audio files that will give sneak peeks into the history of the planet of Praxton and its people.

2.06.2005   First All Cast Read-through Held Yesterday

Actor Eli Carr signs on to join the cast of the Lords of Praxton.

The first all cast and crew read-through was held Saturday in Stow, Ohio.  The majority of the cast gathered together to meet for the first time or become reaquainted with one another as they chatted over coffee, doughnuts, bagels and fruit early on a sunny Saturday morning. After the cast members introduced themselves, director Peter Anthony Fields gave a few notes on the script and production schedule.  The performers then dove into a cover-to-cover reading of the screenplay.  Afterwards, the actors were measured for costumes that will be constructed by Evonne Fields-Gould and Karoline Kramer, from designs created by Elizabeth Gould.

1.10.2005   Music Composer Joins the Production

Richard Krehnovi joins the production as composer of the original music score for the Lords of Praxton.  Additional music composition will be created by Jamal Dillman-Hasso.

1.09.2005   Another Cast Annoucement

Actor Rachel Appelbaum has joined the cast of the Lords of Praxton in the role of "Serita Benea".

1.02.2005   Screenplay Completed

The final draft of the screenplay for the Lords of Praxton has been completed.  Screenwriter Evonne Fields-Gould and director/co-story Peter Anthony Fields are very pleased with this final version.  "As we went through the script and engaged in re-writes, we began to make a lot of important changes in the story and in characters--including name changes," says director, Fields.  "We created a number of new scenes that I know will truly benefit the film."

12.15.2004  Two More Cast Members Sign On to "The Lords of Praxton"

Rick Montgomery and Turrand Evans-Roskos have joined the cast of this thrilling production.

11.26.2004  New Cast Members Announced!

Brian Richeson, David Rohler, Tumeka Harris, Roxana K. Bell, Jeffrey Haber, Bruce P. Haber, Christine K. Haber, uBu Zurub, Tiiu Gennert, Stacey Doberdruk, and Victor Regal have all signed on, joining the cast of The Lords of Praxton.

09.10.2004  First Cast Members to Sign On are Announced!

The casting process for the Lords of Praxton is nearing completion.  The actors who have signed on to join the production are: Ada Carolina Ortiz, Kristy Kurowski, Gina Messeri, Joy D. Borland, Monica L. Boone, Mary Faktor, Paul Shiban, Kat Sokolowska, and Maggie Arndt.  A few more roles have yet to be filled; auditions will be held on October 27th.

07.20.2004  Pre-production Begins on "The Lords of Praxton"!

Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd. announces the start of pre-production on the feature length motion picture the Lords of Praxton.

Producers/Screenwriters Evonne Fields-Gould and Peter Anthony Fields have begun work on the script this week. Peter Anthony Gould, who will also serve as director and editor, says that this film "will be unlike any film we've done before. We are crafting what we hope will be an exciting, suspenseful, science fiction mystery with intelligence and heart."

The casting process will begin very soon with shooting scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2005.


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