the Lords of Praxton


From award winning* filmmakers Peter Fields and  Evonne Fields-Gould comes the suspenseful science-fiction / fantasy film, the Lords of Praxton.  Brian Richeson portrays Jim Corinth, a reclusive ethnologist and inventor from the planet of Praxton who is haunted by a dark past and whose present remains a guarded mystery.  Christine Haber portrays Adella Benea, the Lord of Praxton, who struggles to identify and eliminate a rebel threat which seeks to overthrow the government of Praxton and propel the planet into a maelstrom of chaos and civil war.  No one is above suspicion, including the members of Praxton's High Council of Eight.

Ultimately, Jim is forced to move out of his reclusive life when an unforeseen event leads him to assume the role of protector to Logan Benea (Turrand Evans-Roskos), the young son of Lord Adella Benea.   Jim and Logan are immediately catapulted into a frightening journey filled with mystery, intrigue and adventure that will change the world of Praxton forever.

From Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd. comes  the Lords of PraxtonStarring: 
Brian J. Richeson, Turrand Evans-Roskos, Rick Montgomery Jr., Ada Carolina Ortiz, Joy Borland, Monica Boone, Kristy Kurowski, Gina Messeri, Sapphire DeFranco, Jeffrey Ryan Haber, Roxana K. Bell, Christine Haber, Rachel Appelbaum, Mary Faktor, Bruce Haber, uBu Zurub, Chuck French, Victor Regal, Kat Sokolowska, Maggie Arndt, Tiiu Gennert, David Rohler, Tumeka Harris, Tracey Evans, Thomas Ferraro, Karoline Kramer Gould, Jaclyn Inglis, Eli Carr, Steve Messeri, Jason Quaigg, Connie Georgalis, Christopher Bolwin, Rowan Kramer, Alyssa Haber, and Katherine Nicole Haber.

Original Music Score by Richard Krehnovi and Jamal Dillman-Hasso.  Song: "Rising Up" written by Terrance Lee Fields; Sung by Morgan FieldsSpecial visual effects by Peter Fields.  Costume Design by Elizabeth Gould.  Associate Producers Quata Zehe and Joy Borland.  Based on the radio play series "Space Traveler Jim" created by Peter Fields and Cornelius Gould IV.  Screen story by Peter Fields and Evonne Fields-Gould.  Screenplay by Evonne Fields-Gould.  Produced by Peter Fields and Evonne Fields-Gould.  Directed and Edited by Peter Fields.

* Best Family Feature Film, The Way Home, 2005 Indie Gathering Film Festival and National Competition

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