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Brian Richeson
Brian J. Richeson  ("Jim Corinth")

the Lords of Praxton is the first lead role in a film for Brian.  Brian has appeared in numerous stage productions throughout Northeast Ohio.  His favorite roles include Ferdinand in The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival's production of the Tempest in 2004;  the role of Charlie in The Canton Players Guild 2004-2005 production of Dirty Blonde; and the role of Max in The Canton Players Guild 2003-2004 production of Bent.  Brian also serves on the board of directors for New Fangled Productions, a non-profit community theater group based in Akron. 

By day, Brian is a 7th/8th grade math and computer teacher at Pleasantview School for the Arts in the Plain Local school district in Canton, Ohio.  Brian would like to thank mom, dad and all his friends and family for their support in his passion for performing on stage and now on film.  (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Ada Carolina Ortiz photo
Ada Carolina Ortiz  ("Cassandra Corinth")

Ada Carolina is thrilled to be part of the feature film the Lords of Praxton and was particularly fond of the wonderful atmosphere that prevailed throughtout the filming of the scenes. Ada was born in Spain and lived in California, Florida and France before moving back to the US in 2003. Her theatrical performances include plays in English, Spanish and French.  She has played lead and supportive roles in several feature films and independent movies. She has also been involved in different TV projects including a show for a major Japanese network affiliated to NBC. She has worked with the NY Public Access TV, and has participated in a number of music videos and commercials which include a promotional clip for the Cleveland Fashion show.   

Recently, she joined the cast of a TV series with 13 episodes as the lead homicide detective. The first episode aired nationally in August on Dish Network. Last summer, she was awarded 1st place for Female Actress of her categorie at the Indie Gathering Acting Competition.  This fall the film 51st state in which she played "Carmen" entered the FAIF festival and was screened in dowtown LA at the Mann Chinese Theater. For more information about her you can log on to her website :    (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Rick Montgomery Jr.Rick Montgomery Jr.  ("Prof. Andreas Sartig")

Rick has performed in over fifty roles for the stage and screen combined.  Some of Rick's television and film credits include Christmas at Maxwell's, A Trumpet at the Walls of Jericho (PBS), Hero Tomorrow, Custody, The Work of 50 Men (PBS), and Madness.  His stage credits include Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, The Spitfire Grill, West Side Story and Footloose--the Broadway Musical.  Visit his website at
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Roxana K. Bell
Roxana K. Bell  ("Cassandra Corinth" at age 12)

Roxana is an AP (advanced placement) student at Lakewood High School; she has been studying
theatre and dance at Beck Center for the Arts (Lakewood, Ohio) since 1999 and taking private voice lessons since 2002.  Ms. Bell has appeared in a dozen plays (most recently as Madeleine Astor in Titanic: the Musical, Mighty Goliath Productions, Avon Lake, and in a staged reading of an original off-Broadway musical, That Pageant Show, or Starlet, CAP21, New York City) and has also done modeling (her agent is The Talent Group).

A dedicated animal lover, she has run her own neighborhood pet-sitting business since 2000, and is currently taking Level III courses at Lake  Erie Nature and Science Center to receive certification as a naturalist's assistant. She also has a deep interest in film history, especially in classic films from the 1930s and '40s starring strong women (Ingrid Bergman, Katharine Hepburn). the Lords of Praxton is her first film.   (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Joy Borland
Joy Borland
  ("Sierra Jenta" / Associate Producer)

Joy has worked as an actress and model for over forty years.  She moved to Ohio from Florida, where she performed in and directed Murder Mysteries, Dinner Theatre, and repertory theatre projects.  Since coming to this area Joy has worked with many local theatre companies, including East One Playlights Theatre, Willoughby Fine Arts Center, The Cleveland Stage Company, The Cleveland Blackbox Theatre (Cabaret DaDa), Mapleleaf Theater, Tri-C East Theatre Company, The Great Lakes Shakespeare Festival, The Halle Theater, and Tri-C Metro Theatre Company.  She welcomed the opportunity to do film work when Peter cast her as the evil Victoria Hamilton in The Way Home, and is grateful to have the experience of working with Peter again in this film, the Lords of Praxton.    (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Sapphire DeFranco  ("Jenna")

Sapphire has loved acting since her childhood. She started out in school plays, but during high-school she realized she wanted to try  her hand at it professionally.  Since  filming  the Lords of Praxton,  she was cast as the lead in a play for the Wake Up & Live Actor's Studio for an  August  performance date, and after that sold-out show, was asked to encore at the Galleria  for the Ingenuity Festival  downtown  a  month later.  Sapphire is also interested in the writing and directing aspects of entertainment. She wrote a screenplay for a horror movie in the spring, and is currently looking for cast and crew so she can direct it sometime next year.   (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Mary Faktor
Mary Faktor 
("Marlena Dias")

Mary Faktor is a professional actor, speaker and business owner. A member of the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists and Screen Actor’s Guild, Mary is a graduate of The Second City of Chicago and is the Cleveland Coordinator for the Spiritual Cinema Community. She can currently be seen in the Cannes/Sundance-winning, Oscar-nominated film, American Splendor, PBS film You Are Here, and soon-to-be-released film, Steel Town (with Ed O’Neil). Since 1984, she has been entertaining audiences across the country with her original one-woman comedy show, “The Six Ages of Woman.”

A member of the National Speaker’s Association, Mind, Body, Spirit Connected, and the National Association of Self Esteem, Mary is personally trained and certified as a Self-Esteem/Life Balance Facilitator by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul.) She has also trained with Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and is certified in Emotional Release Therapy by Dr. Walter Weston (Healing Yourself, Healing Others.)

To keep current, Mary attends educational training such as the Worldwide Summit Conference in San Francisco and Argentina’s SEAL Conference (Society for Effective/Affective Learning). Mary has presented her inspirational workshop “Inner Voices, Smart Choices” in the U.S. and internationally …. From the staff of the prestigious Lincoln School in Buenos Aires to the state conference of DARE Officers in Ohio.

Her inspirational, interactive, and fun workshop, “Inner Voices, Smart Choices,” has been presented to major corporations, associations, hospitals, churches and fundraisers throughout the country. Mary incorporates her message of self-growth with humorous anecdotes and selections of thought-provoking poetry from her book, Inner Voices. Her accomplishments have been featured on various television newscasts and major newspapers throughout the country.  Mary is active in the Youth Motivation Task Force and speaks pro bono in Inner City Schools and transitional Housing Programs.

Her business, Faktor’s Talent Network, ( provides professional variety talent, event planning, and creative services to diverse organizations and businesses. Mary has co-hosted the “Today in Cleveland”, and can be seen and heard on various radio and television commercials. In 1995, Mary was recognized by the Ohio House of Representatives as one of the Top 20 Women Business Owners of Northeast Ohio.  Her most recent endeavor is THE ANGEL’S NEST RETREAT HOUSE in Peninsula, Ohio ( where she coaches clients on a confidential basis and conducts intimate weekend Life Balance retreats.  Mary is a proud mother of two and grandmother of three.

Mary can be reached at 1-888-913-3473.   
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Chuck French
Chuck French
  ("Tollen Zeb")

Chuck French has appeared in a number of films including, Bet Your Life (with Billy Zane), Martians from Venus, Custody, Fight Time, The Elephant, The Boardroom Dialogues, Soupernatural, Greater Threat, and Crops.  In addition he has been cast as Officer Dean Jamison in the TV series, “Out of Darkness”.  Chuck French has modeled for Goodyear, and has appeared with Lebron James and Bernie Mac for Nike.

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Thomas Ferraro 

Born in Newark, New Jersey, Thomas Ferraro has made the Cleveland area his home for close to twenty years.  He started taking acting classes in 1999 at the Beck School of Performing Arts. 
Mr. Ferraro's  first stage role was a bit part in Rehearsal for Murder. The part of the stage hand called for a woman but, as Mr. Ferraro says it,  "with the tip of the eraser Loretta became Loren." The following year was a big part for Mr. Ferraro in The Shadow Box as Joe a dying cancer patient. Moving from Boulevard Theatre in Shaker Heights to Garfield Heights Little Theatre was The Man Who Came to Dinner as Sandy the Antichrist boyfriend of June Stanley, followed by Joe in Father of The Bride at Paul Cassidy.

Thomas received his first lead role as R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  He then  played Judge Omar Gaffney in Harvey at Old Town Hall in North Ridgeville, then Brecksville Little Theatre as Dave Devito an ethical detective in Cliffhanger to Davenport.  Next, he portrayed  a crooked cop in the comedy Funny Money at Brecksville Little Theatre.

Mr. Ferraro's most enjoyable part was Leonard Vole in Witness for The Prosecution at Western Reserve Playhouse. Moving south to west he landed the role of Homer Bolten in Mornings at Seven at Independence Community Theatre, a shy retiring forty year old living at home his parents set in the 1920's. This was followed by a performance in Done to Death as author Brad Benedict.  Then came  Arsenic and Old Lace playing Lt. Rooney-- a tough Brooklyn NY cop --at Western Reserve Playhouse.

As of October 2005, Thomas Ferraro is at Independence again to do The Curious Savage as the gentle inmate Jeffery.

Other than the Lords of Praxton , Mr. Ferraro's only other film work is The Robby Kirtland Story as a Chicago detective, a true story about a fifteen year old who took his own life. 

When not on stage or in front of the camera Thomas enjoys golf, bike riding, baseball and listening to rock music.  "To all the aspiring actors and actresses, acting is a process and once you master the technical aspects you'll really be charming on stage or on film.  Thank you Peter for the opportunity."     (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Jeffrey Ryan Haber photo
Jeffrey Ryan Haber  ("Jim Corinth" at age 9)

Jeffrey Ryan Haber started his career at the age of five by performing live with his family in the German traditional dance group STV Bavaria. Learning the proper dance technique made him a popular young dancer within the group, and he danced for several Oktoberfests as well as the International Children’s Games in Downtown Cleveland, amongst many other venues.

Soon he was cast in a television pilot called "Escape and Survive Kids" as a Karate student. Along with his family, he later did a few local commercial promotions for WUAB Kids Block, as well as some store promotions.

In 2003 he took acting lessons with his sisters and was cast with his family in the film Annie’s Way. As he became more interested in acting, he landed roles in Little Pricks, Madness, and the young lead role in the NYU film, The Metaconfessions.

Jeffrey spent a lot of time preparing for the part of Young Jim Corinth in the feature film the Lords of Praxton, and really had a great time in performing and connecting with cast and crew members. There was a lot of fun, as well as a lot of work involved, and it really anchored his interest in acting.

As well as doing professional print work, Jeffrey is actively involved in trying out for other roles, and improving his skills. Currently he is working on a film with his family called Urgent Care. He is an excellent student at school, and enjoys Boy Scouts, downhill skiing, and playing (and winning at) chess.    (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Katherine Nicole Haber
Katherine Nicole Haber
  ("Guardian of the Forest")

Katherine Nicole Haber started her career at the young age of two when she performed at a tap dance recital at Lakewood Civic Auditorium. She, along with her family, also performed live for the German traditional dance group STV Bavaria.

In 2003, at the age of 6, she decided to try out for and won the title of Little Miss Cleveland. She made this possible by performing “The Elements” at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH, as well as being interviewed and presented to a panel of judges. By winning this title, she was recognized (and awarded) by Cleveland City Council, Mayor Jane Campbell, Governor Bob Taft, as well as President George W. Bush as a Goodwill Ambassador to the City of Cleveland throughout 2003. She performed MANY hours of community service, including feeding the homeless, visiting veterans, and performing services at Cleveland sponsored events.

Her interest in acting came after performing songs live onstage. She was soon cast in the movie trailer Creep in 2003, and in February of 2004 she went to New York City to perform as the young lead role in Alicia Van Couvering’s movie Stand In Lovers.

Many movie roles soon followed, including: Annie’s Way, Little Pricks, Bigfoot, Clues Shoes and a Snooze, The Unseen Place, the Lords of Praxton, Madness, and Urgent Care. She has also been in television promotionals, commercials, and print work.

As an ongoing desire, Katherine enjoys acting and practices every chance she can get. She is actively involved in trying out for other roles, and perfecting her skills. She loves school and is an excellent student. Her favorite hobbies are acting, taking care of her animals, downhill skiing, traveling, and hanging out with her friends.    (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Tumeka Harris photo
Tumeka Harris
  ("Athena Zor")

As a little girl Tumeka Harris’ first love was tennis and was introduced to the sport as the age of five by her father, Ronnie Harris. Mr. Harris was a 1968 Olympic gold medal boxer, a North American middleweight champion, and the number one middleweight contender in the world.  He was once named by Howard Cosell as the best defensive fighter in the history of boxing. Training to be a professional athlete at such a tender age taught Ms. Harris many important lessons.  She learned that help, hope, and faith were essential to her success.  By the age of eleven, she had ranked in four age groups, including the 18 & under category.  Because of her drive, talent, and family support, Ms. Harris was awarded a scholarship to one of the best tennis academies in the world, where she trained with Anna Kournikova, Iva Majoli, Mary Pierce, and Monica Seles. 

As a result, Ms. Harris finished in the top five in the state of Florida.  She was also an integral part of the only women’s tennis team in the history of the University of Michigan to bring home the Big Ten and Regional championships.  And ultimately, Ms. Harris played in several professional Women’s Tennis Association tournaments. After Ms. Harris’ successful athletic career, she returned to her hometown with a degree from the University of Michigan and decided model, write and teach children how to play tennis. She has modeled for companies such as Dick’s Sporting goods, and Things Remembered.  Ms. Harris recently became a published author by creating a series of children’s books, entitled, “The BigHeds’ Adventures”. With “The BigHeds’ Adventures”, Ms. Harris intends to inspire, entertain, and educate for generations to come.      (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Jaclyn Inglis
  ("Sylvia" / boom operator)

"It all started on July 23, 1990.....then we skip a few years to 2002. 
Though my mom had asked me if I wanted to act since I was little, I never truly got the nerves to try out for a play until I was in 7th grade. It was a school play and I made a great role and it was too much fun to stop there--so, I didn't. I then tried out for the spring play that year and then the fall and spring shows the next year. The summer, as well as the next, I attended Shaker Theatre Camp, where I met the Oh-So-talented Peter Fields. Participating in the Freshman Theatre Performance at Shaker Heights High School as well as the Theatre I and Theatre II classes, made acting part of my world. I am now in the Shaker High School Theatre Advanced Ensemble class and hope to tryout for as many of the Shaker Theatre performances as possible--and I am soon to be accepted as part of the International Thespian Society. On top of the 3 years of acting experience, I also have 9 years of both piano and softball experience, as well as 4 years in the Cleveland Orchestra Children's Chorus and I love to draw, write, bike, swim, play soccer, and go on in my spare time!! the Lords of Praxton was my first feature film and I feel that there could not be a better cast and crew to work with out there."     (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Rowan Kramer
Rowan Kramer  ("Guardian of the Forest")

Rowan is delighted to appear in the Lords of Praxton.  She has graced the stage in numerous productions.  Her last role was the daughter in Six Characters in Search of an Author on the Kent State main stage in 2004.  She spends her spare time playing with her best friend Angel, dancing, swimming, and watching her favorite tv show, "Fairly Oddparents".
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Karoline Kramer Gould
Karoline Kramer Gould
  ("Sadie" / Costume Consultant)

Karoline Kramer Gould moved back to Ohio in 1998.  Before that time, she was an actress and director in the Philadelphia area.  Some of Karoline's favorite roles include: Sister Robert Anne in Nunsense, Dolly in Annie Get Your Gun, and The Fortune Teller in The Skin of Our Teeth. Among her favorite plays that  Mrs. Kramer Gould has directed are: Lysistrata, Canterbury Tales--written by Cleveland's own Andrew May, and As You Like It. Karoline is the founder of a medieval theatrical troupe, the Known World Players, and spends her spare time directing plays and playing her favorite role by far: Mommy.     (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Kristy Kurowski
Kristy Kurowski 
("Jan Task")

Kristy is a sophomore at Hudson High School.  She is involved with the Drama Department and swing choir.  She has been in twenty-one productions since she was in fourth grade.  She enjoys parts that require her to break loose and have fun.  Kristy says her favorite role was the Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat because “it was a lot of fun and no one could recognize me,”  Ms. Kurowski goes on to say, “another one of my favorite roles was Lady Vendola in Robinhood the Next Generation because I loved my costume and it was fun to be evil.” 

She was thrilled to join the Lords of Praxton and had an amazing time.  She studies voice, dance, and theatre and is hoping to be involved in more film experiences.  Ms. Kurowski has received an acting scholarship for West Side Vocal and has been inducted into the International Thespian Society, 2005.    
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Gina MesseriGina Messeri
  ("Aylan Par")
the Lords of Praxton is Gina's first feature film. She has worked with numerous local production companies on commercials, industrial videos, and music videos after recently getting involved in the industry. Gina has also acted on the feature film Crops, a short film "The Grey Goo," and the television series "Out of Darkness." 

When not acting, she models, loves to play soccer and hang out with her friends. Gina recently won the acting competition in her age group at the 2005 Indie Gathering Film Festival and National Competition. She would like to thank Peter Fields and Evonne Fields-Gould for the opportunity to enter the world of filmmaking.     
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Kat Sokolowska photo
Kat Sokolowska  ("Beloran Sirrus")

Kat Sokolowska is pleased to add her first on-camera work to her resume!  The Polish-born actress attended the Kwadrat Youth Theater School in Warsaw, Poland.  While there, she appeard in a few stage productions including Alexander Fredro's "Zemsta" ("Revenge") and Stanislaw Wyspianski's "Wesele" ("The Wedding").  After moving to Northeast Ohio she was a part of the Kent Stage's production of "Dracula", Workshop Players' staging of "Man and the Arms" and Karamu House's "ArenaFest" among others.  Kat would like to thank her parents for letting her follow her heart's desires and Peter Fields and his great crew and cast for 1) letting her be a part of the Lords of Praxton and 2) being so supportive.   
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uBu Zurub  ("Helena Zor")

Adrienne aka UBU (you be YOU!) is a Renaissance woman!  Multifaceted as an Actor/Comedian/Professional Speaker/Spoken Word Poet/ and Registered Nurse on the Open Heart team at Cleveland Clinic, Adrienne or UBU performs Stand Up on both coasts and numerous venues in between.  Funny and engaging performances at Stand Up New York, The New York Comedy Club, Gotham's, Don't Tell Mama, Caroline's, as well as The Hollywood Improv-Melrose, The Cleveland Improv, Cleveland Hilarities, The Funny Farm and other clubs have hone her clever wit and unabashed talent!

Both Adrienne and UBU (same person-schizo-like personality) have appeared in numerous films.  Most recently in SpiderMan 3 and Director, Jason Tomaric's The World without US.  Proudly, UBU is a performer in the forthcoming sketch comedy pilot for PAX television entitled, "The Mark Norton Show".  She also has writing credits for the sketch comedy show.
UBU wrote and performed her Solo Performance piece, "Notes From the Mothership" at Cleveland Public Theater under the auspices of noted playwright Sarah Morton.  A forthcoming book in August 2006, carries the same title.  UBU performed in Karamu Theater's Arenafest.  Presently, she is in a PlayActs Production of, "My Son Alex" in June 2006.

UBU was one of three finalists for Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights 2006.  Her interests range from collecting and selling (well, it's hard to let go) Fine Modern Art, to World Travel, Reading, and quietly judging others.

Both (Adrienne & UBU) have an Associate Degree in Nursing, a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, and a Master's Degree in Philosophy with a Concentration in Bioethics.  Recently, UBU, err Adrienne was accepted to Law School but declined to pursue her artistic aspirations full-time!

UBU derives her comedy from her life, her marriage, kids, and observations of the absurb. 
She, they have the charismatic ability to connect with, engage, and seduce any audience...without smoke or mirrors!  These talents evolved and converged lately into Professional Speaking.  Adrienne delivers serious messages imbued with humor, emotion, and energy!     (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Jason Quaigg
  ("Defender of the Forest" / Make-up Effects)

Jason grew up in Steubenville, Ohio dreaming of special make-up effects. One day his dream came true when a friend informed him of Tom Savini's (Jason's idle) special make-up effects program.  Jason graduated on the Alpha Society and  with a community award for creating mock disasters he did for schools against drunk driving.  Not long after graduation, he was given the chance to attend the 2005 Indie Gathering Film Festival and National Competion where Jason met filmmaker Peter Fields.  At the event, Jason won two first place awards for his make-up effects.

He was due to move to New Orleans for some movie work when Hurricane Katrina hit the city. After that tragedy, Jason moved to Orlando, Florida where he worked at a Haunted House for a time. Recently, Jason moved back to Ohio where he is now working on saving money to move to California where he will continue in the film make-up industry.   Jason  also has one original screenplay completed and developing another five scripts.    
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Peter FieldsPeter Anthony Fields
(Director / Editor / Producer / Co-story)

the Lords of Praxton
is Peter Fields' third feature film. The three other features he has directed and edited are the award winning* family film, The Way Home  (2004), Seekers of the Statue (2003, medium-length feature) and The Walk (1996).

Among Mr. Field's short films are  "Another Place" (1993), and "The Lantern and the Well"(1994).  In 1997, Peter directed a television commercial for N-Styles Clothing Store in downtown Cleveland and in 1998 a short documentary (produced by Cinecraft Productions, Inc.) about the historic St. Michael's Church in Cleveland.  In 1993 and 1994, Peter  worked  freelance for Cinecraft Productions Inc. on productions for The World Almanac, BP Oil, and ABC Sports with Al Michaels.  Additionally, Mr. Fields served as  the director of the Performing Arts Group for the School Age Care program of Shaker Heights where he has directed children, ages seven through ten years, in original motion picture adaptations of
Cinderella (2002), Pinocchio (2003),  Aladdin (2004), and a re-make of his original story, "Another Place" (2005). 

Fields has also worked for APS TV15 on Time Warner Cable for the Akron area as a videographer and editor of informational, documentary and children's programing, including "Super Small Tales" and the nationally syndicated children's show "Ask Gilby".  In 2005, Peter changed his last name from Gould to Fields in honor of his grandfather, TL Fields.

*Best Family Feature Film, The Way Home: The 2005 Indie Gathering Film Festival and National Competition
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Evonne Fields-GouldEvonne Fields-Gould (Screenwriter/Co-story / Producer / Production Manager / Costume Supervisor)

Ms. Fields-Gould has worked as writer/co-writer, producer, and production manager with her son, Peter Anthony Fields, on the features films The Walk (1996) and The Way Home (2004) in addition to the short films, "Out of Nowhere" (1991), "Through the Window" (1992), "Another Place" (1993), and "The Lantern and the Well" (1994).  Ms. Fields-Gould has also written the television commercial for N-Styles Clothing Store, as well as the documentary-style productions for Christian Family Outreach and St. Michael's Church. She has also written and performed in several radio plays produced by Little Beth Entertainment that aired on 88.7 WJCU from 1999 to 2001, including the "Space Traveler Jim" radio play series from which the Lords of Praxton is adapted.     (Click Here to Go Back to Top of Page)

Richard Krehnovi
Richard Krehnovi
  (Original Music Composer)

Rich began his career in music when his parents found out he could make toy accordions sound wonderful even as a toddler!  Always involved in music, he received both his Bachelor of Music and Master of Music in Composition at OSU, emphasizing electronic and interactive computer music.  He has received the OSU Excellence in The Arts Award, and is a member of the National Music Honor Society.  With extensive audio background combined with a minor in video production, Rich worked on TV commercials and radio ads at SOS Productions before joining WOSU-TV (PBS) as a full-time audio engineer.  Leaving TV to return to school, he toured for 3 years a sound engineer and keyboardist with bands across a 19 state area, sharing the stage with artists like The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Vogues, Travis Tritt, Trace Adkins, Rascal Flatts, Sh-Boom & The Marquees. 

Between gigs, Rich has continued to grow in the industry, selling songs written with a lyricist, and touring with choirs across the British Isles, Italy, and in 2005, Germany.  Rich's interest has always been in film music and works hard to master the many styles that can make up a good soundtrack: classical, jazz, Hollywood strings, pop & dance, and animated 'sound-effect' music.  His latest composition was recorded October 2004 with players from the Detroit Symphony and Motown greats.  He currently works out of Columbus, Ohio as a freelance musician, composer, audio technician and music director.    
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Jamal Dillman-Hasso
Jamal Dillman-Hasso 
(Original Music Composer)

Jamal Dillman-Hasso, now 13,  was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He moved to various Ohio homes starting at age 5, and now resides in Shaker Heights.

Jamal’s role models as composers include Ron Jones, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, and Danny Elfman. “The Lords of Praxton” is Jamal’s debut film as a composer. He met Peter during a summer camp in 2004 and has admired his work ever since.

Here is what Jamal has to say on the subject of composing: “The good thing about composition is that it is one of the most creative crew roles you can have in a film. It is a pathway for the worries of the day, which can be written on paper. You can mirror sadness, terror, joy, love, and just about every other emotion.”   
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Abigail Pink  (Assistant Director / Director of "Behind the Scenes: the Lords of Praxton)

Abigail is a 15 year old sophomore at Shaker Heights High School and has performed on stage as a member of the high school's theatre ensemble and has performed on stage and worked as stage manager with Shaker on Stage / Shaker Summer Theatre.  Ms. Pink has previously worked with Peter on his film, The Way Home, and other various short projects.  She is interested in pursuing film as a career and hopes to work more with Peter sometime in the future.  Her other interests include playing French Horn and piano, as well as reading novels by JD Salinger.    
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