the Lords of Praxton

A Brief History of Praxton

Many theories exist that attempt to explain what occupies the vastness of space and time.  One is the theory of multiple universes--each with a planet similar to earth in composition, life and culture--Praxton is one such planet.

The history of Praxton, like the history of most civilizations, is one filled with discovery and evolution, science, art, revolution, conflict and destruction, life and death, birth and rebirth.

The two cultures that inhabit the planet of Praxton are the Borians of the eastern continent (Borian) and the Sarinthians of the western continent (Sarinth). For centuries, the Sarinthians and Borians lived isolated from one another with the Granaic and Dolan Oceans between them. Each group forged their own societies with their own forms of commerce, agriculture, education and government.

As time and technology progressed, both cultures developed faster and more efficient means of transportation. Borians and Sarinthians simultaneously began working on plans to build space crafts to travel to and explore Praxton's moon-planet of Egora. Government officials and citizens also began to make plans to bring the two continents of Borian and Sarinth together. This led to the construction of the Xaman Tunnel (an xaman is an eel-like, oceanic creature that can grow up to eight meters in length and is capable of swimming 100 kph), which took Borian and Sarinthian engineers and architects nearly twenty years to complete.

The end result was the joining of the Borian and Sarinth continents for the very first time. This, along with the launch of the first spacecraft to be piloted by a Sarinthian and Borian to Egora  led many to celebrate this time as the beginning of a productive new era in the history of Praxton. But it was, in fact, the beginning of the conflict that would nearly bring the planet to its destruction.

The meeting of two or more cultures is not a cause for conflict, but rather it is the fear of the unknown that incites anxiety and threatens a group's sense of cultural security. This is the situation in which the Borians and Sarinthians found themselves entangled. The opportunity to learn from one another and to grow was lost and the Sarinthian and Borian union soon became a struggle for power and control.

The question of which people should be the rulers of Praxton became the major source of conflict.

The Borian people were governed under the lordship of Marsae Sen, and the Sarinthian government was led by a council of five members collectively known as the Aisat. Understanding that the two cultures would now forever coexist on both continents, many Sarinthians and Borians demanded that one of the two governments be declared the official ruling body of Praxton.

Many quorums were held to debate this matter, but a solution could never be agreed upon. Soon, hostilities ran high and hate crimes became the means by which the Sarinthians and Borians expressed their frustration and fear. Marsae Sen and the Aisat agreed that each should establish law enforcement units to patrol, arrest, and punish their own people who committed violent acts against the other group. The Borian peace force was called the Turrah; the Sarinthian force was named the Adiltam. These new peace keeping units were moderately successful in lessening the number of crimes committed, but they could not completely stop the violent acts from occurring.

In the year 5282, a group of Borian sympathizers made their way into the Hall of Decree (the Sarinthian capital building) and detonated explosives which killed over one thousand Sarinthian citizens and dignitaries---including the five members of the Aisat.

Thus began the Sarinthian / Borian Civil War.

Battles raged on both continents; many lives were lost and the hatred between the two groups intensified. After four months of fighting, Marsae Sen and the reformed Aisat agreed that all children should be removed from Praxton and taken to the moon-planet of Egora, which was declared by both governments to be a neutral zone. Along with the children, selected scientists, artists, and educators were sent to Egora to teach and care for the children and ensure the preservation of Praxton's heritage.

The war would ultimately last for twelve years; over three million lives were lost. The final battle took place on the Ecaps plains of southern Borian. After fourteen long days of fighting, a message was sent to both armies notifying them that a truce had been called by the nations' leaders.

In 5294. Lord Marsae Sen's daughter, Atena Sen (Lord Marsae Sen passed away two year prior) and the Aisat, along with dignitaries from both nations, met on Egora to sign the treaty and fashion a new government for Praxton. It was first decided that the new capital of Praxton should be established on the continent of Sarinth in the city of Brighton in honor of those who were killed in the attack that began the war.

The new government would essentially be a combination of the previous governments and would consist of a lord and a council. Both groups would check and balance the other, thereby ensuring that neither group would gain too much power. The council, named The Council of Eight, would consist of four Borians and four Sarinthians who would hold their positions for life. The first council members are as follows: Sierra Jenta (Sarinthian), Samuelen Loren (Sarinthian--deceased.  Replaced by Arden Mor [Sarinthian]), Beloran Sirrus (Sarinthian), and Sentina Correl (Sarinthian--deceased.  Replaced by Cassandra Corinth [Sarinthian]);  Helena Zor (Borian), Ka Marden (Borian--deceased.  Replaced by Tolen Jeb [Borian]), Oris Mogantor (Borian), and Marlena Dias (Borian).

The decision was made that the position of lord would not be held by a Borian or Sarinthian, but rather an Egorian. Once established, the lordship would continue through the family line or, if the line was ended, a new lord would be elected.

The first lord of Praxton is Adella Benea. Adella was an excellent student who worked her way up to the esteemed position of co-chancellor of Egora's government. She quickly gained a reputation for being a fair, compassionate and strong leader, and was quite possibly the most popular chancellor in Egora's  history.

Lord Adella and her husband Zale have a daughter and a son named Serita and Logan.

* * *

Though the treaty was signed and a new government established, there are many Sarinthians and Borians who were greatly angered by these developments. They remain loyal to the old causes and are determined to undo the progress made towards the peaceful resolution. They are known simply as the rebel factions and they live on both Praxton and Egora. Many hold regular jobs and function in society as law abiding citizens, but secretly they plot to bring down the new government. Other rebels are hardly seen in public; they remain "underground" and operate in secret places while conspiring with the rebels on the "surface" to commit various acts of terrorism which, for the most part, have only been minor incidents of sabotage on construction sites, farmlands, and the government's computer network.

However, many fear that it is only a matter of time before these minor acts of sabotage build up to a major act of destruction and terrorism that could lead Praxton into another civil war.


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