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This site may host "chat rooms" , "forums", "Bullitin Boards" or other forms of communications that allow users to communicate with one another. These services is provided freely to our users provided that:

1) No Profanity shall be used.

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5) Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd. reserves the right at any time, without notice, to remove any comments we find offensive to our visitors. This also includes (but not limited to) banning any user we feel have abused our services.

6) No visitor has the right to restrict any other visitor from using and enjoying any service provided by Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd. to our web site visitors.


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By accessing this Service, you agree:

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That the opinions, information, or presentations expressed by any Visitor or Third Party service are those of the visitor and third party services, and not necessarily those of Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd., its companies and employees.

That the terms of this agreement are subject to change at any time, without notice by Little Beth Entertainment, Ltd.