Welcome to Little Beth Entertainment!

Started in 1996, Little Beth Entertainment is a “Northeast Ohio area” based family run independent media production company focusing on family friendly entertainment.

More information to come as we work on re-launching our website, and “re-booting” the company on it’s 21st Birthday!!

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Short Films and Features



Little Beth Entertainment has been making short independent family friendly feature presentations since the 1990’s. ┬áSeveral of which have won awards at national independent film festivals!

One of our presentations, A Silent Truth is currently enjoying close to 2 million views on You Tube!

View some of our selections in their entirety, and view trailers for others right here on our site!

Little Beth Entertainment has also partnered with other small independent film producers in later years to help their dreams become reality as well!

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Podcast Programs – The Rocketry Show

In 2017, Little Beth Entertainment acquired their first podcast, The Rocketry Show, which first went into production in 2014.  The program is growing and very active.  This is our first foray into the podcast world!

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