Feature film: The Forgotten Ones (2009)

Created by our founder, Peter Anthony Fields, “The Forgotten Ones” is the winner of the 2010 Communicator Award for Low Budget Independent film.

It also won Honorable Mention at the 2009 Indie Gathering Film Festival.

Featuring Turrand Evans-Roskos, Hunter Evans-Roskos, Michael Regnier, Juliette Regnier, Brian Richeson, Joy Borland, Michael O’Grady, Jaclyn Inglis, Oliver Corrigan, and Tonee Purnell. With an original songs by Bruce Jennings and featuring a song by Ryan Humbert. Screenplay by Evonne Fields-Gould and post sound/sound editing & mix by Cornelius Gould.

We hope you enjoy this film from the archives of Little Beth Entertainment!

“the forgotten ones” film trailer

2010 Communicator Award of Distinction Winner. Honorable Mention: 2009 Indie Gathering International Film Festival, Westlake, Ohio. “the forgotten ones” is a dramatic film that takes a look into the lives of a homeless father and son who confront a troubled past and a daunting future with the help of a street-smart girl and a struggling actor.

The film is directed and edited by Peter Fields from his original story with a screenplay by Evonne Fields-Gould. Abigail Pink and Elizabeth Gould will serve as assistant directors with Quata Tucker and Jaclyn Inglis as associate producers. Evonne Fields-Gould also works as production manager. Bruce Jennings is composer of the original score.


Turning Point – (complete short film)

Release Date: November 2010

Award Winner for Family Short Film @ 2011 Indie Gathering International Film Festival.

Plot Outline: Max Jordan, a hot-shot talent agent from Akron Ohio, is ready to hit the big time by establishing his own agency in LA. Because he is consumed with his desire to succeed, Max has grown into a distant, self-involved man. He is willing to sacrifice anything, including his relationship with his fiancee, in order to advance his career. Max’s life soon takes an unexpected turn, however, when, after …seeing a news report about a hit-and-run involving a child, he fears he may be the one responsible. In an effort to right his wrong, Max decides to aid in the boy’s recovery. A paternal bond forms between Max and the boy, who is an orphan. Through this experience, Max rediscovers the aspects of life that truly matter. As the police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver, Max struggles with a difficult decision; surrender his freedom and turn himself in, or remain silent and surrender his integrity.

Starring: Brian Richeson, Tonee Purnell, Lindsay Bonilla, Joy Borland, Thomas Ferraro, and Ryan Vincent as “Danny”


Directed By Peter Anthony Fields


Screenplay By Evonne Fields-Gould & Peter Anthony Fields; story by Evonne Fields-Gould


The Interview – (complete short film)

On a bright September afternoon in the fictional mid-Ohio town of Crestwood, a high school newspaper reporter named Gabe meets with Geraldine Harris, a school board member, for an interview seeking Geraldine’s opinion on certain “hot-button” issues, such as the right to bear arms, LGBTQ equality and prayer in schools.

Ultimately, as the interview progresses, hidden motives and long kept secrets of both individuals are revealed.

A Silent Truth – (complete short film)

Awarded 1st Place Family Short Film @ http://www.theindiegathering.com

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Short Film: 42 minutes. On his 14th birthday, Ian Foster (Daniel Sovich) reaches a critical point in his life where he realizes that he can no longer withstand the burden of his self-denial that he is gay. But he feels he can not come out to his mother, Linda (Kimberly J. Mahoney), who has strong views against the gay community and takes great pride in believing that her son is a “ladies man”.

Believing that his best friend, Jessica (Dani Apple), is the only person in whom he can confide, Ian fears that revealing his true self to his family and friends will mean losing their love and acceptance forever.

Starring Daniel Sovich, Dani Apple, Dylan Aaron White, Kimberly J. Mahoney, Joy Borland, Ryan Vincent, Brian Richeson, Cole Kornell, Mark Oet, Kathy Vogel, Tonee Purnell, Ralph DiLudovico, Jaclyn Inglis and Katrina Melanie Walker Directed By Peter Anthony Fields Screenplay By Peter Anthony Fields & Evonne Fields-Gould Produced By Peter Anthony Fields, Evonne Fields-Gould, Joy Borland, Quata Tucker

Flight to India – (complete short film)

Award winner for Family Short Film @ 2012 Indie Gathering International Film Festival Young Leah and older brother Adam are expecting an uneventful afternoon as their mother prepares to leave them with a new babysitter. But when Lindsay shows up at the door, her eccentric appearance suggests that their day is about to get interesting.

Upon learning that Adam is in a bad mood due to friend troubles, Lindsay is reminded of a story she learned while living in India.

While Leah is eager to hear it, Adam says stories are for babies. His negative attitude prompts Lindsay not to tell the story, but to take the children to India to experience it for themselves. Turning their living room into an airplane and drawing the children’s unsuspecting friends into the adventure, Lindsay whisks them away to India through the power of imagination and brings the famous Indian folktale, “The Monkey and the Crocodile,” to life with the help of items from her unusual traveler’s bag. In the process, she teaches Adam an unforgettable lesson about true friendship and everyone a lesson in the power of stories.

Starring: Lindsay Bonilla, Jeremiah Joreski, Ashleigh Nagy, Cameron Nelson, Trinity Tyler, and Claudia Esposito as “Mom”

Directed & edited by: Peter Anthony Fields

Written by: Lindsay Bonilla

Produced by: Lindsay Bonilla, Peter Anthony Fields, Quata Zehe-Tucker (associate producer)


Through the Window – (complete short film)

In the settings menu, select 720p HD for Hi-Definition viewing! Visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TheZacharyKe… Eleven year old Zachary Kessler is an aspiring mystery writer who believes he has witnessed a murder in his neighbor’s house. As he moves forward with his own investigation, will he discover the truth of what he saw, or will he become the next victim?

Featuring: Ryan Vincent, Caden Vincent, Aaron D. Elersich, Dani Apple, Brian Richeson, Kim Woodworth, and Joy Borland as “Margaret Wolfe”

Written, Directed, Edited by Peter Anthony Fields

Produced by Peter Anthony Fields, Quata Tucker, Staci Vincent