Turning Point – (complete short film)

Release Date: November 2010

Award Winner for Family Short Film @ 2011 Indie Gathering International Film Festival.

Plot Outline: Max Jordan, a hot-shot talent agent from Akron Ohio, is ready to hit the big time by establishing his own agency in LA. Because he is consumed with his desire to succeed, Max has grown into a distant, self-involved man. He is willing to sacrifice anything, including his relationship with his fiancee, in order to advance his career. Max’s life soon takes an unexpected turn, however, when, after …seeing a news report about a hit-and-run involving a child, he fears he may be the one responsible. In an effort to right his wrong, Max decides to aid in the boy’s recovery. A paternal bond forms between Max and the boy, who is an orphan. Through this experience, Max rediscovers the aspects of life that truly matter. As the police continue to search for the hit-and-run driver, Max struggles with a difficult decision; surrender his freedom and turn himself in, or remain silent and surrender his integrity.

Starring: Brian Richeson, Tonee Purnell, Lindsay Bonilla, Joy Borland, Thomas Ferraro, and Ryan Vincent as “Danny”


Directed By Peter Anthony Fields


Screenplay By Evonne Fields-Gould & Peter Anthony Fields; story by Evonne Fields-Gould