#13 Mike Nowak and James Duffy – FAI Competition Rocketry

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James Duffy, left, and Mike Nowak, right, at the opening ceremonies of the European Space Modeling Competition in Ukraine, 2015

Here’s an episode we recorded a while back, and since it’s been a hot topic recently due to virtual NARCON, we’re dropping it now.

We chat with Mike Nowak and James Duffy – two skilled rocket builders who’ve been competing on the American team in international rocketry competitions for years. FAI – the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – is the world governing body for air sports, including model rocketry. The International Championships for Spacemodeling are frequently held in Europe, and until next year, have never been held in the United States.

That’s about to change, as the Internats will be held in the U.S. in 2023, giving Americans the opportunity to fly for the national team without the often challenging aspects of getting themselves – and their fragile model rockets – overseas.

We talk with Mike and James about what it takes to build good competition scale models, what competing in the internationals is like, and much more, on this episode of The Model Rocket Show.

In other news, the N00b has opened an Etsy shop of rocketry-related t-shirts and coffee mugs. You can find it by clicking here.

Bill and Rachel Daigle!

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Join our guests, Bill and Rachel Daigle, who are known as father and daughter rocketeers from our neighbors up North in New Brunswick CA!

Bill Daigle on Sport Rocketry

Bill talks to us about his tenure as an officer of the Canadian Rocketry Association and his career as a hobby rocketeer! He even has graced the cover of Sport Rocketry.

Rachel tells us about how she was involved in the hobby at a young age and the joys of flying with Bill.

Bill and Rachel talk about their individual projects and shed some in

Rachel Daigle and her Big Bertha

sight into their largest scratch built upscales.

We talk to them about their road to CAR Level 4 in High Powered Rocketry.

It’s an episode full of fun and appreciation and we are happy to share this with you!

Bill and Rachel Daigle on set during the filming of an episode of “Trailer Park Boys”.

118: Gary Rosenfield of Aerotech Returns!

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/118-gary-rosenfield-of-aerotech-returns/

Gary Rosenfield joins us to update us on some of the latest going on at Aerotech as well as:

  • Tips and tricks for selecting an appropriate motor for your high power certifcations.
  • What he is up to for Hampster Dance 2022.
  • Gary’s project of digitizing a bunch of old super-8 footage of some historic & interesting high power launches from the early days of HPR.

All this along with some interesting rocket talk!

117: End of the year updates; Your questions.

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/117/

Happy Holidays, and Welcome to the latest episode of The Rocketry Show for the week of December 19, 2021!

This time around, we close out the year catching up on your voice and emails, and what we have been up to, and what’s next for our shows.

One of our listeners mentions wanting to hear from John Beans and Joe Barnard.  We talked to both of them in previous episodes.  If you want to check them out too, then here are the links to the latest ones.

Latest John Beans Episode ( Episode 30):
Latest Joe Barnard episode (Episode 103):

We also answer yoiur questions, like how to repair damaged fins on fiberglass rockets, how to get rid of the “fuzzies” caused by painter’s tape peeling away the glassine surface from cardboard rocket airframes and more!

#116: Steve Thatcher of SMT Designs

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/116-steve-thatcher-of-smt-designs/

In this episode, Steve Thatcher returns to talk about what is new from SMT Designs. He has been busy innovating new options for your rocket AV Bay needs for almost all rockets –including ones up to eight inches in diameter! SMT Eight Inch AV bay ith Dual Deploy mounting options We think you should check these out! Other products that Steve mentions include: The "High G 3-75" bay The SMT T-Slot AV Bay kit We think you’ll enjoy this information, and Steve’s rocket stories as well. Here are pictures of the rockets Steve mentions: Steve's "Lady J" Rocket Steve's rocket called "Stubby"   Enjoy!

Season 8 Premiere with special guest Conway Stevens!

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/season-8-premiere-with-special-guest-conway-stevens/

Welcome to the first episode of Season 8 of The Rocketry Show! We open this new season with a wonderful guest appearance from Conway Stevens. We talk about some history of High Power rocketry, focusing a bit on the changes brought on after the 9/11 attacks. We cover other rocketry history related stories as well. Mr. Stevens also disusses his experiences as a TAP, his latest projects, and his recovery from COVID. This is a two hour long show that is sure to fill in the time we spent regrouping before resuming our show recordings. You’ll no doubt be replaying this one a few times! Enjoy!

114: Jenna Kay Foertsch on this year’s HotNozzleSummer event

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/114-jenna-kay-foertsch-on-this-years-hotnozzlesummer-event/

Welcome to Episode 114 of The Rocketry Show! In this Episode, we'll be talking about The Hot Nozzle Summer 2021 event with Jenna Kay Foertsch! Jenna Kay Foertsch with her HotNozzleSummer staff shirt and Tee. On July 23rd of this year at the FAR launch site in the desert of California, Tim Dodd, AKA The everyday Astronaut, stomped his foot down on an air powered rocket to kick off an event that has taken the rocketry community by viral storm. Tim Dodd ( Everyday Astronaut) kicks off the event by launching a stomp rocket. Photo: by Matt of HNS. The event known as "Hot Nozzle Summer" started out as a joke on Twitter by a number of young rocketry enthusiasts earlier in the Spring, but very quickly grew into a movement spearheaded by an energetic group resulting in a major launch that took place over the weekend of July 23-26.  The goals of this group are stated on their website... The Eujean rocket that Jenna mentioned. Photo by Kyle Lundberg. "Hot Nozzle Summer is a movement within the amateur rocket community that seeks to break down the barriers that exist within the hobby and make it more accessible to new people, regardless of skill or training in rocketry or engineering. This movement celebrates all aspects of rocketry whether its getting a Level 1 high powered certification through NAR or Tripoli, or just shooting model rockets in the backyard with your kids this summer. You do not have to come to the live event to participate in the movement." Primarily a social media phenomenon, the group's dedicated leaders pulled off an event that saw many rockets fly many of which were from people new to the hobby, or flying to achieve a higher certification level.  Jenna Kay, one of the main organizers of the event joins The Rocketry Show to discuss how the event came to be, what challenges were overcome to pull it off, and what the future might hold for what has essentially become a movement to bring people into the hobby that has not been seen before. HNS 2021 group photo.  Photo by Jake Nixon Also, for our supporters on Patreon, we're trying something different...stick around at the end of the show!  

11: Frank Burke and His RC Rocket Gliders

The Model Rocket Show https://themodelrocketshow.com/11-frank-burke-and-his-rc-rocket-gliders/

Model Rocket Guy Jesse U (left) with our guest, Frank Burke

In this episode, Model Rocket Guy Jesse U of The Rocketry Show sits in for the N00b. Jesse talks with Frank Burke, maker of a number of amazing, large, radio controlled rocket gliders.

Frank uses AeroTech’s long burning composite motors to loft these models vertically, and then controls their long, gliding descent with the RC controller he’s holding.

As Frank discusses in the episode, it’s not as hard to get started with these rocket gliders as you might think, if you’re a traditional 3-fins and a nose cone kind of rocketeer. In fact, Frank can help, as he sells the kits for these fabulous birds at his website, Dyna Soar Rocketry (click here to visit the site).

On his site, Frank has most of what you need to get started, including the right motors, instructional videos, and a radio settings page.

To see the rockets discussed in the latter half of the episode, click on the link to Dyna Soar rocketry and view the pictures.

Thanks to Frank for joining us on The Model Rocket Show, and thanks to Jesse for stepping in for the N00b!