113: Jesse’s NSL / LDRS 2021 reports

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/113-jesses-nsl-ldrs-2021-reports/

Season 7, Episode 113: Jesse joins us with his interviews & wrap-up reporting of NSL 2021 and LDRS. He managed to get some interviews from NSL as well! Gheem was on vacation during this production, and CG talks about what to expect the next few weeks while The Rocketry Show is in "summertime rocket season" mode.   Matt Abbey, Event Director for NSL 2021 Matt Steele and Frank Burke at NSL 2021 Jesse with Dave Barber and of LOC Precision Jesse with Gary Rosenfield and Dane Boles of Aerotech Neal Baker preparing for launch!

LOC Precision and Skin Walker Ranch

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/112-loc-precision-and-skin-walker-ranch/

Jason Turicick, Dave Barber, and Stanton Ewert of LOC Precision join us to talk about what's new at LOC, and their appearance on Season 2, Episode 9 of The Secret of Skin Walker Ranch! Stanton Ewert of LOC Jason Turicick of LOC Precision

Bonus: The Model Rocket Show – Randy Boadway of eRockets.Biz and Semroc

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/bonus-the-model-rocket-show-randy-boadway-of-erockets-biz-and-semroc/

While CG, Gheem, and Jesse regroup after a whirlwind production schedule the past few months, Daniel, the rocket N00b has been busy producing new shows for our sister show, The Model Rocket Show. We've posted the latest episode here as well as bonus content for The Rocketry Show listeners. The full show notes can be read at TheModelRocketShow.Com website. Enjoy!

Randy Boadway – eRockets.biz and Semroc

The Model Rocket Show https://themodelrocketshow.com/randy-boadway-erockets-biz-and-semroc/

Our guest this week is our esteemed sponsor – Randy Boadway, owner of eRockets.biz and producer of Semroc kits and parts.

We have a great conversation, lots of fun, and Randy even tells me what the “best wood glue in the world” is!

Randy has one of the best jobs in the world – owner of the world’s largest supplier or model rocket kits and parts. Here’s a picture from his office, featuring the Semroc Mars Lander.

As a member of the Wright Stuff Rocketeers, Randy hosts build nights once a month at eRockets. And during the time of pandemic, lots of people have been able to join via Zoom, making tours more accessible, even to people who live far away.

Thanks, Randy!

111: Workshop talk with Joe Hill

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/111-workshop-talk-with-joe-hill/

Joe Hill joins the crew as we discus our rocketry projects, high power, rocketry music, and more! Joe enjoys makin' music too! Joe Hill: Ready for launch! CG and Joe discus the construction of CG's new avionics bay for Ares.  The picture below shows the antenna (on the right), and the kevlar extension that keeps the metal bits away from the telemetry transmission antenna... A picture of Ares' new avionics and telemetry module under construction. The antenna is to the right.  

Workshop Talk with Xyla Foxlin

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/110/

We start up this workshop talk episode with another member of the next generation of rocketeers, Xyla Foxlin. Xyla has a degree in Engineering, is an aircraft pilot, and loves partaking in any craft that involves building things. Gheem ran across her while looking at Joe Barnard's latest adventures at F.A.R (Friends of Amateur Rocketry) in the deserts out west which sparked a new hashtag on the Twitterverse, #HotNozzleSummer. Xyla was one of the names popping up, and she decided to get her level 2 certification at FAR with a very interesting rocket called "Fifi". We talk about this build, and her broad background in robotics, rocketry, boats, and craftwork that led to this project. Her video for her "Fifi" build can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKqrQUHYgrM

Chris Michielssen – Model Rocket Building!

The Model Rocket Show https://themodelrocketshow.com/chris-michielssen-model-rocket-building/

Our guest, Chris Michielssen’s fantastic blog

I found Chris Michielssen’s blog, Model Rocket Building (which you can visit by CLICKING HERE) shortly after I got started in this hobby back in 2014, and in it I found a wealth of knowledge. Chris is a real craftsman. His blog lays out builds, usually from start to finish, and is full of tips and advice to get good looking builds. Just by visiting Model Rocket Building on a daily basis, my own builds quickly went from rough, beginner’s models to much more polished looking, because I was able to easily adopt some of his building techniques.

If you haven’t checked it out, you really ought to be reading Chris’ blog. Especially if you’re building a more challenging model – say, a Saturn V or Little Joe kit – Chris has probably already tackled it, and has hints for good building as well as traps to look out for.

In addition, Chris has his own line of model rockets, unique kits called “Odd’l Rockets,” featuring flying pigs, little green aliens, and some pretty cool looking fighter jet style kits, as well as some useful accessories and motor mount upgrades (thicker tubes for longer lasting and sturdier rockets). The website is HERE, and if you’d like to order some kits or accessories, you can do so at our show sponsor, eRockets.biz, by clicking HERE.

I first met Chris in person at NARCON 2019, which feels like ages ago, with all that’s gone on since then. He was such a great guy to talk to, and I’m thrilled he joined me on the podcast.

Detail of Chris’ Dr. Zooch Mercury Redstone – a very challenging build

By the way, if you’re wondering what happened to Field Notes 2020, Part 2… Well, there was just too much recorded material. Editing was taking far too long. This was supposed to be two nice little episodes for last Christmas and New Years, and here we are nearly halfway through 2021. The project was more ambitious for the time I had to devote to it.

But there are some nice little moments in there, I think, so look for bits of field recordings as Easter eggs at the end of future episodes.

The top two pictures are from Chris’ blog, and used with permission.

109: OSU Space Cowboys rocket team and Bob Brown of Argonia, KS Kloudbusters

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/109-osu-space-cowboys-rocket-team-and-bob-brown-of-argonia-ks-kloudbusters/

The Oklahoma State University rocket team “The Space Cowboys” join us to talk about their first place placement in the Argonia Cup contest. They talk about their rocket, the payload, and some of their greatest challenges in making it all happen. A member of the Space Cowboys prepping the glider for flight... Also Bob Brown joins us to talk about The Argonia Cup, The Argonia Kansas rocket club Kloudbusters, and Airfest! The Rocketry show wins an award! We talk about that as well!

108: Northcoast Rocketry

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/108-northcoast-rocketry/

Matt Steele has been busy, and Northcoast Rocketry has new kits and more as a result! Matt joins us to discuss.   Matt Steele   We also dive into the mailbag to answer your questions, including a really good question from one of you on the LEUP regulations. Enjoy!