[The Rocketry Show] Episode #56: Author, Mike Westerfield – Make: High Power Rockets

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Mike Westerfield joins us to talk about his newest book, Make: High Power Rockets!

From the preface of his book:

My first book, 'Make: Rockets,' covered basic rocket science, including construction, aerodynamics, simulation, tracking, and electrical engineering. The rockets in that book are made from thin, lightweight materials that are extremely safe. Some projects work well

Mike Westerfield


with young children, while others will challenge a college engineering student.

High-power rocketry is different, though. While there is a junior-level certification (covered in 'NAR junior certification'), high-power rocketry is otherwise restricted to people over 18. High-power rockets can easily break the sound barrier, shooting miles into the sky. The rockets themselves are not the small, collapsible paper rockets flown in schools and scouting—they are often metal-tipped, fiberglass missiles that weigh tens or even hundreds of pounds. FAA clearances and certifications are required.

After the show, Daniel the Rocket n00b will announce the contest to give away some copies of this new book to a few lucky listeners!