[The Rocketry Show] Episode # 59: Record Breaking Rockets Mashup

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We’re going to re-visit things in the land "down undah", mates! We’ll be joined by Blake Nicolic of Australia's Thunda Down Under, and he’s going to give a preview of next year’s huge event.

We then revisit one of the highlights from the first Thunda gathering and bring back an interview with Nat Callea on the V2 rocket built by Victoria Rocketry which holds the current world record for the largest hobby rocket.

If that isn’t enough, We’ll then interview Nat, and Steve Eves, the previous record holder with his 1:10 scale Saturn V Rocket that he successfully flew at MDRA several years ago.

We also introduce the next winner for the Make: High Power Rockets by Mike Westerfield, and announce the next trivia question!