#82 Jr. Level 1 cert. changes, Bianca Vasquez of swise.org, and NAROBLOMO.

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/therocketryshow/TRS-82.mp3

Episode 82 starts off with a discussion with Randy Boadway of eRockets about the changes to the Jr Level 1 certification process.

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Next, talk to the founder of Society of Women in Space Exploriation, Bianca Vasquez.

Ms. Vasquez is in the early stages of becoming an Engineering student, has a passion for space exploration and a new found love or rockets. Her orginzation has bonded similar minded women also getting their start in various aspects of Engineering.

She talks about what she has learned in her journey, and what she has learned from others! https://www.swise.org/

Later in the show, we talk to Daniel the rocket n00b about getting his model rocketry blog re-ignited agin with the power of NAROBLOMO. https://rocketn00b.blogspot.com/