#93: Matt Steele on Rocket Staging (Part 1)

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/therocketryshow/TRS_6-93.mp3

Matt Steele joins the show to kick start the first of at least a couple episodes on staging techniques for Model Rockets.

Mr. Steele is a longtime rocketeer, owner of North Coast Rocketry, and is a Professional Rocket Scientist!

We first define ground rules you can follow to ensure the best probability for success. Rules adapted from professional Rocket Engineering Sciences. We think this will help hobby rocketeers a lot. The methods Matt Steele discusses can be applied any new rocketry project or technique.

After laying the ground rules, we jump into the first part of this episode on multi-stage rocketry.

Part two will appear in a few weeks after we have a chance to gather your e-mail questions on the subject.

Later in the show, we share our first peak into new beta firmware being tested for the Flight Sketch altimeter.

Thanks to listener Phil Parslow for suggesting the topic of multiple rocket stage launches!!