July 2020 Workshop Episode

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Welcome to episode 94 of The Rocketry Show

We’ve been on a roll with great guest interviews lately. The team take a quick break from that this episode to focus more on the results of a few rocketry projects they’ve been working on!

Jesse has been ‘fiberglassing’ a new kit, and building more rockets, but more importantly, recently launched his LOC Precision “Big Nuke”. He tells us all about those, and more!


Jesse’s Big Nuke launch

Gheem has been building a beautiful X-15 kit, and he catches us up on where he is on that, as well as a few more projects.

Gheem's X-15 rocket kit!

On July 25, 2020, CG finally got to test his Radio Telemetry system. 


Launch of CG’s Mr. Bean rocket carrying his radio telemetry system.

Because of all of the “Covid 19 delays, this test ended up being a “full up” test, which means about 5 tests (each would normally have been their own launch)  all happening on one launch.

He’ll share how that went!

We also pull some of your emails from the Mailbag that we didn’t have time to get to on earlier episodes!