NAR Level 2 certification changes / Listener Questions and more!

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Welcome to episode 98 (TRS-6.98) of the rocketry show!

John Thompson joins us to talk about the NAR Level 2 certification changes that are in effect as of November 2020

The NAR and the Board of Trustees have been working diligently to support the update of the NAR level 2 testing.  It has not been updated since 2012 and quite a lot has changed for the better in the ever-expanding hobby. - The new 2020 Level 2 Written Exam Study Guide will be available for download from the High-Power Rocketry page on the NAR website starting October 1, 2020. - The 2020 Level 2 Written Exam Packets for Sections and Certification Teams will be available starting October 15, 2020. Information on obtaining the new packets will be made available before that date. - The new 2020 Level 2 Written Exam use will start on November 1, 2020. - Due to the new exam format, a new HPR Certification Application will also be available for download from the High-Power Rocketry page on the NAR website. The new application will also be included with the new exam packets. - The 2012 & 2017 versions of the Level 2 Written Exam will be valid/accepted if taken on or before October 31, 2020. After that, only the 2020 version will be valid/accepted. - A member failing the HPR Level 2 exam may now retake another version immediately. If the member fails a second exam, the member must wait a minimum of seven (7) days to attempt the exam again. - The Level 2 written exam administrator/proctor must now be minimum Level 1 certified.

Who can give certifications?

1. The certification team consists of two individuals who are a minimum of 18 years old and are members in good standing of the NAR. The certification team members must be unrelated to the applicant. Members of Tripoli, unless they are also members of the NAR, cannot participate on a certification team. 2. At least one of the team members must be already certified to a level equal to the certification level being attempted, e.g., a team member must be certified at Level 1 to judge another individual’s Level 1 certification attempt. 3. Level 1 certifications may be administered by a single NAR Level 2 certified individual; the two certified individuals requirement is waived in this case. 4. Certification attempts must be witnessed in person by the certification team. Video recordings of a certification flight are not acceptable.

We also take a couple Listener Questions - What should I do to prepare for a Level 1 certification attempt? - What attributes should a field or piece of property have for rocketry considerations? CG Fills us in on the results of his DEMO-3 flight

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