Workshop! With The Rocketry Show Guys

The Model Rocket Show

After a hiatus (you know, it’s 2020…), we’re back with The Model Rocket Show!

This episode is a classic “workshop” episode fans of The Rocketry Show have come to enjoy – and the N00b is joined by Jesse and Gheem from The Rocketry Show! CG is there, too, but just listening quietly in the background (you know how Gheem and the N00b can ramble on…)

In the first half of the show, we answer listener questions, including one from a Patreon patron which slipped through the N00b’s email for a while (sorry about that, Les!).

After our break, we get to talking shop with a fun, longwinded conversation which culminates in… MURDER!!!

…of the N00b’s Mercury Redstone escape tower.

A lot of rocketeers have been frustrated by a build over the decades, and sometimes smashing a piece which is getting your goat feels like the only solution…