11: Frank Burke and His RC Rocket Gliders

The Model Rocket Show https://themodelrocketshow.com/11-frank-burke-and-his-rc-rocket-gliders/

Model Rocket Guy Jesse U (left) with our guest, Frank Burke

In this episode, Model Rocket Guy Jesse U of The Rocketry Show sits in for the N00b. Jesse talks with Frank Burke, maker of a number of amazing, large, radio controlled rocket gliders.

Frank uses AeroTech’s long burning composite motors to loft these models vertically, and then controls their long, gliding descent with the RC controller he’s holding.

As Frank discusses in the episode, it’s not as hard to get started with these rocket gliders as you might think, if you’re a traditional 3-fins and a nose cone kind of rocketeer. In fact, Frank can help, as he sells the kits for these fabulous birds at his website, Dyna Soar Rocketry (click here to visit the site).

On his site, Frank has most of what you need to get started, including the right motors, instructional videos, and a radio settings page.

To see the rockets discussed in the latter half of the episode, click on the link to Dyna Soar rocketry and view the pictures.

Thanks to Frank for joining us on The Model Rocket Show, and thanks to Jesse for stepping in for the N00b!