117: End of the year updates; Your questions.

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chapAppDescHappy Holidays, and Welcome to the latest episode of The Rocketry Show for the week of December 19, 2021! This time around, we close out the year catching up on your voice and emails, and what we have been up to, and what's next for our shows. One of our listeners mentions wanting to hear from John Beans and Joe Barnard.  We talked to both of them in previous episodes.  If you want to check them out too, then here are the links to the latest ones. Latest John Beans Episode ( Episode 30): Latest Joe Barnard episode (Episode 103): We also answer yoiur questions, like how to repair damaged fins on fiberglass rockets, how to get rid of the "fuzzies" caused by painter's tape peeling away the glassine surface from cardboard rocket airframes and more!