#119 – Bill and Rachel Daigle!

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://www.therocketryshow.com/119/

Join our guests, Bill and Rachel Daigle, who are known as father and daughter rocketeers from our neighbors up North in New Brunswick CA!

Bill talks to us about his tenure as an officer of the Canadian Rocketry Association and his career as a hobby rocketeer! He even has graced the cover of Sport Rocketry.

Rachel tells us about how she was involved in the hobby at a young age and the joys of flying with Bill.

Bill and Rachel talk about their individual projects and shed some insight into their largest scratch built upscales.

We talk to them about their road to CAR Level 4 in High Powered Rocketry.

It’s an episode full of fun and appreciation and we are happy to share this with you!