August 2022 News Update

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AeroTech/Quest News

AeroTech RMS K750ST-PS Rocket Motor Reload Kit New Product Information Release 7/11/22

AeroTech/Quest is pleased to announce the Tripoli certification and immediate availability of our new RMS Reloadable Motor System K750ST-PS rocket motor reload kit, AeroTech’s 2nd rocket motor reload kit designed to use the single-grain RMS-75/1280 hardware.

Perfect for heavy rockets launched from small fields, the K750ST-PS delivers 1,298.7 N-Sec (292.0 lb.- Sec.) of total impulse with a 1.74 burn time and an all-up weight in motor hardware of 4.29 lb. (1,945.9 g). It’s also a great booster for two-stage rockets, and features AeroTech’s aerospace-grade Super Thunder (ST) propellant formulation with a burn rate midway between Blue Thunder and Warp-9 propellant types. The K750ST-PS generates a peak thrust of 835.7 N (187.9 lb.) with an average thrust of 746.6 N (167.9 lb.). Super Thunder propellant displays a bright blue flame with prominent Mach diamonds and little smoke. 

Although the K750ST-PS produces tracking smoke, it is a “plugged” motor that does not include an ejection charge and requires the utilization of an electronically-activated recovery system.

  • Diameter: 75mm (2.95”)
  • Length: 266.7mm (10.5”)
  • Propellant: Super Thunder
  • Total Impulse: 1,298.7 N-Sec. (292.4 lb.-Sec.) Burn Time: 1.7 Seconds
  • Peak Thrust: 835.7 N (187.9 lb.) Delay Time: Plugged
  • Propellant Weight: 595 g (1.3 lb.) Loaded Weight: 1,947.5 g (4.3 lb.)

California State Fire Marshal classification and approval has been granted for the K750ST-PS RMS Reload Kit. It ships with a standard FirstFire Initiator, has a suggested retail price of $157.99 each and may be purchased by consumers 18 years of age or older with a minimum Level 2 NAR or TRA Certification, or by educational institutions, government agencies and licensed commercial entities.

Aerotech Discontinues some of its motors

They are discontinuing several 24mm reloads as well as their 18mm and 32mm Glider motors typically used for gliders.  

Here is the list of discontinued motors: 

  • 33400 C3.4T-P 18mm RMS-R/C (3-pak)
  • 33400-12 C3.4T-P 18mm RMS R/C (12-pak)
  • 40700 D7-RCT 24mm RMS R/C (3-Pak)
  • 42300 D2.3T-P 18mm RMS R/C (3-Pak)
  • 42300-12 D2.3T-P 18mm RMS R/C (12-Pak)
  • 51103 E11-3J 24mm RMS (3-Pak)
  • 51200 E12-RCJ 24mm R/C (3-Pak)
  • 61203 F12-3J 24mm RMS (3-Pak)
  • 91321 RMS-32/60-100 R/C Motor
  • 91613 F13-RCT 32mm R/C (2-Pak)
  • 91616 F16-RCJ 32mm R/C (2-Pak)
  • 91712 G12-RCT 32mm R/C (2-Pak)

Though it is being discontinued for general retail, Gary Rosenfield notes that the D2.3T will be produced for international competition use as needed.

2022-23 NRC CONTEST EVENTS ANNOUNCED NAR Competition NRC Events for the 2022-2023 Contest Year

The NAR Contest Board is pleased to announce the NRC events for the 2022-2023 Contest Year:

  • A Altitude
  • A Payload
  • A Boost/Glide Duration
  • A Streamer Duration
  • B Eggloft Duration
  • 1/4A Parachute Duration

These events have been selected by the NAR Contest Board and the NARAM Contest Director per Sporting Code rule 13.1.3.  The 2022-2023 Contest Year starts on July 23, 2022 and ends on the last day of NARAM.  NRC flying ends June 30, 2023.

Dan Wolf

NAR Contest Board Chair


The 2021-2022 RCP process concluded as of June 15, 2022 and the results of the ballot are as follows.  Appendix “D” in the sporting code states that proposals must receive a 51% yes vote in order for the proposal to become a part of the sporting code. The proposals that did pass become a part of the sporting code that will be revised and effective as of July 23rd 2022 for the new contest year, but have no bearing on NARAM-63.  A total of 90 ballots were received. Some voters abstained from voting on all of the proposals. The results and the detailed verbiage on each proposal will be on the NAR webpage under Contest Flying / Rules Revision Process   NAR Rules Revison

RCP 2021 #001: Allow any kind of streamer attachment in streamer duration events.

Passes: Yes: 80 / No: 7

RCP 2021 # 002: Revise R&D Scoring

Passes: Yes: 48 / No: 34

RCP 2021 # 003: Change judging of Craftsmanship events to a “blind judging” format.

Fails: Yes: 37 / No: 49

RCP 2021 # 004: Removal of Rule 30.9.2; Returns – NARAM.

Passes: Yes: 51 / No: 32

RCP 2021 # 005: Require altimeters for tracking

Passes: Yes: 68 / No: 22

RCP 2021 # 006: Add Sport Scale (Sport, Peanut, Giant), Concept Sport Scale, Classic Model as an additional NRC event.

Fails: Yes: 26 /No: 57

RCP 2021 # 008: Add Dual Eggloft Altitude in engine classes C and D to the list of NRC events.

Passes: Yes: 47 /No: 41

RCP 2021 # 009: Include D Eggloft Altitude as an NRC Event

Fails: Yes: 42 / No: 44

RCP 2021 # 010: Include B engine class Helicopter Duration as an NRC event.

Passes: Yes: 45 /No: 42 

RCP 2021 # 011: Include B engine class Streamer Duration as an NRC event

Passes: Yes: 49 / No: 36

RCP 2021 # 012: Clarify the required documentation for mission points for Scale and Sport Scale events.

Passes: Yes: 74 / No: 10

 RCP 2021 # 013: Change Rule 8.2 Conduct by changing the word may to shall reinforce that it is the CD has the duty to punish egregious bad behavior by disqualification.

Fails: Yes: 37 / No: 48

RCP 2021 # 014: Align Rule 51.13.1 Mission: 200 points to Rule 50.10.6 Mission Points for Sports Scale NRC

Fails:  Yes: 34 / No: 47

RCP 2021 # 015: Newly approved contest altimeters need to be available for sale the entire 30 days before contest use can start.

Fails: Yes: 41 / No: 43

RCP 2021 # 016: Implement a Standardized Method and Procedure for Recording Air Temperature at NARAM.

Passes: Yes: 49 / No: 39

RCP 2021 # 017: Eliminate the requirement to exceed a current record by 1% in order to establish a new record.

Passes: Yes: 67 / No: 22

Joe Barnard Sticks powered landing using standard solid propellant motors!

Joe Barnard Sticks the landing!










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