The LOC Mafia: Helping a rocketeer in need!

The Rocketry Show Podcast

The LOC Mafia has organized to help the Hayes family of Stickershock.

From the The Loc Mafia:

Mark from StickerShock23 needs our help!  His wife Marian is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer, causing a huge difficulty in both of their lives. 

Mark, still presses on to help out the rocketry community by continuing to create wonderful full print vinyl wraps and decals for our projects. 

#theLOCmafia wants to help our fellow rocket brother and his family! Mark has been a huge contributor to the hobby for quite some time!

We have reached out to many vendors, some of whom we know personally, to help out with doing an Online Raffle for Mark and Marian!

On this page, you can read into some of the Grand Prize packages that we have arranged!

Details are here: