[The Rocketry Show] #5.75: Workshop discussions!

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/therocketryshow/TRS-5_75f.mp3

CG, Gheem, and Daniel the Rocket n00b get together to visit with you, and talk rocket shop talk.

CG has been busily editing through the TONS of audio we have from NARCON 2019, and it's taken over the production time for the show.  As a result, there is a delay in production.   We still have about two weeks of production to do before we roll out the first NARCON 2019 episode, so in the meantime, we decided to pick up our microphones and visit with you!

One of the topics of discussion is rolling your own transitions by re-purposing old cereal boxes.  A topic of discussion brought up by listener John Simmons on our Facebook Discussion Group.   CG thought it was a cool idea, so we shared.

Chris Michaelson has some discussions on rolling your own transitions on his blog too!   Look here:



We also had fun discussing a fun new rocketry group on Facebook called "The CATO Club"  Where they post pictures of, and discus...CATOS.  :-)