The Rocketry Show # 5.76: NARCON 2019 Part One

The Rocketry Show Podcast


The entire Rocketry Show team head to Cape Canaveral, Florida to cover NARCON 2019.  

CG, Daniel the Rocket n00b together for the first time!

They witness a night time Falcon 9 launch, Gheem and Daniel (The n00b) meet face to face for the first time, and we talk to Peter Alway, author of Rockets of the World, and Chris Michaelson of Oddl’ Rockets.

Peter Alway discussed with us his history with Model Rocketry, and his knack for finding detailed blueprints of even the most obscure rockets, which is great for us as he published it all in his book “Rockets of the World”, the rocketry bible for anyone interested in creating scale models of military & space rockets.

Chris Michaelson of Oddl’ Rockets

Chris amazed us with his talent in making detailed reproductions of rockets, and his never ending fountain of knowledge that can help all of us rocketeers!

Chris’ attention to detail is a thing to behold!  

Mike Nowak’s Saturn V

We also discus Mike Nowak’s amazing THREE STAGE Saturn V scale competition rocket!


Mike Nowak’s true scale, three stage flying Saturn V. His son stands guard.