#77 – NARCON 2019 Part Two

The Rocketry Show Podcast https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/therocketryshow/TRS-5_77.mp3

This is an “all star” episode!

We’re joined by Tim Van Milligan from Apogee Rockets discuss an interesting collaboration project with Fins & Fire that gives your rocket the ability to paraglide its way home to you! 

Randy Boadway stops by to discus eRockets, and we end up in an interesting discussion about running a hobby rocket kit & supply company, including how the price of rocket kits are determined. He also showed up later to do a fun live eRockets commercial with us.

Randy Boadway, Owner of eRockets

Gary Rosenfield and Dan Bowles stop by to discus a long burn G motor that could give the right kind of rocket design the possibility of reaching 10,000 feet!

Dane Boles and Gary Rosenfield of Aerotech Consumer Aerospace

Roger Smith of JON Rocket stops by to talk about the joys of running the business with his wife, Bracha.

Roger Smith of JonRocket.Com

Wes Oleszewski joins us to discus his “Growing up with Spaceflight” books.

Wes Oleszewski, author of the Growing up with Spaceflight series of books.

John Beans also joins us and we talk Chute Release talk!

John Beans, Owner of Jolly Logic

We hope you have fun listening to Part Two of our NARCON 2019 coverage!