#79: Personal “Project Apollo” analogy stories, and Airbrushing followup

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The team get together to talk rocket stories and some workshop talk with you on this episode.

We talked about some of the entries seen at our club's Apollo 11 tribute launch on July 20, 2019. One of which was a wonderful gold painted Saturn V by our club member, Casey Anderson.

After that, we delved into our most challenging rocketry projects -- our personal "Project Apollo", if you will, along with a listener story. We shared listener JE Thompson's story, and audio from his video (See below)


Gheem talks about his story, and CG recounts his story to his toughest project to date, his Level 1 certification. He went for the gusto, and not the simple tried and easy approach...because...he loved the challenge. LOL.

Daniel the Rocket n00b joins us to talk about his first major rocket project using an Airbrush to paint it off, and shares what he learned so far.