#80 NY Power 2019

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Welcome to Episode 80 of The Rocketry Show!

In this episode, CG and Daniel travel to upstate New York for NY Power 2019.

We catch up with Dan Michael and Neil Brown, and we discus their backgrounds, and the launches of their Big ...ahem... Friggin Rockets.

Here are some picture highlights....all photos are by C.Gould of The Rocketry Show.

Patrons can view them on our website: https://www.therocketryshow.com

Dan Michael with a motor casing for an "M" Impulse motor build.

Dan Michael and his Nike Smoke

Dan Michaels' Nike Smoke liftoff!

Neil Brown and the booster section for his Polecat Saturn V

Daniel the rocket n00b and his SA-14 Archer build.

CG's Ares rocket lifting off after "MacGyver" repairs...

Neil Brown's Polecat Saturn V, and it's wild launch (picture sequence below.